Monday, November 1, 2010

Am I Boring or Bored?

I'm not a brilliant student at class. I'm just following all subjects without liking it at all. I don't have favorite subject like other students, I don't have favorite lecturer and I don't have favorite seat but I do have favorite thing to do during class. I love drawing and doodling no matter what. whenever I feel sleepy and hungry only pencil and paper that could make me feel better...

hehe this is what I make during class I was so bored and I was dreaming if I could learn Russia in my class everyday I would be so happy. when I was in high school I learn Russian from internet. I really want to understand when Russian speaks and I think Russian letter is the coolest letter I've ever seen.

do you see the letter from that white board? it pronounced Ashtaroovia or in English we say 'cheers!' like when you toss the glass. Ashtaroovia been my a.k.a name since highschool. some friends ask me why Ashtaroovia? well, I have reasons but I'm just too lazy to tell them or typing it on my blog haha maybe later in some next post! :P

anyway, do you know where to learn Russia beside in its embassy in Jakarta? thank youuu!


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