Thursday, November 8, 2012

Paper Garden by Lenny Agustin (at JFW 2013)

I attended Paper Garden fashion show by Lenny Agustin at Jakarta Fashion Week 2013

all lights were turned off and the music aired that the show was about to begin.
I couldn't hear anything but the music. it sounds familiar to me. it's Velvet Elvis! and because of this song (and I love it so much!) suddenly I believe that this is going to be good. I can't wait! and ta-da some models came up and stood elegantly up in front of the big screen on the stage. lights were back turned on and I can clearly see what models worn and what Mrs. Agustin have designed. it's so colorful and brilliantly full of techniques. we must forget all drapery, drawstring, pleated, ruffle or whatsoever you say because what she did to her design is folded, like FOLDED so that we have an origami visualization to all her dresses. I think I know why she picked Paper Garden as her fashion show theme because it's more likely an origami. okay too much talking better you check out these pictures!

(picture source: Grisselda)

where was I?
yeah, I didn't take a picture that much that GOOD
I was wearing a long chiffon shirt from Hiroko Bis. I can't believe that I could have fancy shirt from the brand child of Hiroko Koshino Japan for only 20.000 Rupiah! I know God loves me too much. a blue marine skirt and a tribes blue/red scarf from my own label Percee thanks to Acil for giving me a chance to watch Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 (this is the second time I attend Jakarta Fashion Week. previous to this, I also with her at Jakarta Fashion Week 2012). and thanks to Syuraih for your 'tikus' topic. it was fun, fun, fun with you guys. let's have a sushi tour ASAP!


Monday, October 8, 2012

Hardly Work

all things are going crazy these days. my life is so hectic, painful yet cheerful because all of the activities that have turned my life upside-down but the other hand I have people who really care about me, love me, miss me, ah it's all been paid off since all troubles that I have is really driving me crazy; all mess schedules and plans, lost my money, lost the time, and some other crazy things. somehow I believe in every step that I take is blessed by Allah so nothing to fear, nothing to lose, nothing to doubt.

God save us!

Friday, September 28, 2012

the Studio at a Glance


I just want to tell you something I've done these days...
all fabrics have been bought few days ago. so it means I have to start preparing every single thing for next collection. many ideas come and go. sometimes in this business I confuse to choose between my taste and what market says but then something popped out my mind and said "stay outside the lines". and I bring myself back to where I was starting that I run it because I love sewing, I want create something purely from my head. so I'll let the world spinning while I'm statically standing on where I'm thinking it's good to be. I'm telling you this isn't about money but it's about satisfaction. you (buyer) and I are both satisfied by something we love. you love wearing a dress and I love making it and seeing you wear it that's all and nothing else matter. I love Percée just like I love you. as simple as that!

ah before I click publish button, better I add some photos of the place where I'm working for my brain child Percée simplex munditiis.

I often use this sewing machine from Kenmore USA

I rare to use it since something went wrong and it doesn't work properly like used to be

using Kenmore

rainbow threads from Coats and Clark USA

I'm so proud having a chance to shortly study basic pattern making at Juliana

and fortunately found this scissors

a zigzag scissors

thanks to my mother and father for their ears to listen what my heart says and big THANKS to my aunty for giving me support and those beautiful tools to me.

not intended to show off but I just want to share who I am, who is Percée simplex munditiis, where I use to work and some other things you might want to know. 
thank you for reading my blog! :)

good night!


"They love to tell you stay inside the lines. But something's better on the other side." - John Mayer