Thursday, May 30, 2013

Happy Week

7 days seem too short for me but you've made it all so fun and it's the thing that I miss about you and us.

 look how stupid he was! haha I put underwear on his head and when I asked him to pose, he posed and acted like Bane in a silly way. I should feel sorry about his stupidity because I do take part in every things that he does.

I like the closeness that he and my brother build. it comforts me a lot! they do things together, they have some things in common, and the other day we watch movie, breakfastm lunch, diner, all together. it isn't only about my relationship with him but also a good relationship with my family members and thank God the family warmly welcome him everytime he knocks our door.

little treats! yes, he knows me so well. I really love noodle omg I don't understand with myself especially with my tummy. they can't barely stand for a day without noodle. help! what should I do? people keep telling me to stop but it's addicting more addicting like alcoholic loves his/her alcohol. yah, maybe I should go to a therapist... a noodle therapist if they do exist! LOL. day 1 & night 1; noodles, day 4; noodle, day 5;noodle.
feeling guilty? not yet :(

hah, gak kerasa udah hampir seminggu juga he's not here in my house. I miss you!


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