Sunday, September 1, 2013

Ami's Wedding

alhamdulillah akhirnya temen sekaligus tetangga saya akhirnya nikah! ini kedua kalinya kondangan ke nikahan temen sendiri. Seneng ngeliatnya plus gak nyangka ya temen yang dulu waktu SMA dideketin cowok tapi gak pernah cocok, punya pacar tapi putus melulu, finally, ketemu juga sama jodohnya di pelaminan.  Semoga suatu saat saya yang di pelaminan dengan jodoh yang saya dambakan! *ceileh* Anyway, Ami, we're so happy for you dear! happy wedding from my family and I. Bon Voyage~

I love seeing the last photo of me, brother and mom. it's already a year after all the hard times we've been through together when my brother got serious illness that make us all worried, scared, like the world torn apart. He was spending almost 2 months in two different hospital. All family not only my parents but also my uncle, aunty and relatives were working so hard to make everything going well like usual; to see my brother back to his normal activity again since he wasn't being able to move his feet. so sad. like SAD!
but Alhamdulillah God is always works along the people who pray and beg all night and day. Yes, it's getting much better day to day even though there is still some things that we should handle but at last we can breathe easily today. hehe


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