Wednesday, February 5, 2014

a Warm Blanket

I'm enjoying my free day after everything that have made me torn to pieces haha lebay. I'm not busy with anything at all.
I click click every folders in my computer and found the picture of myself sitting on a couch somewhere in a coffee shop.
and I just remembered that I've made a promise to myself to not hanging around somewhere till late night anymore even in a coffee shop near my house.
there's nothing wrong with the coffee shop and other places but it feels wrong when I hang there till late night with my friends and not with my parents. fyi, my parents always okay with everything that I do.
I must admit that I'm a family-person, love being at home even though I'm just sleeping or do some kind of things just to make my body move. yeah that's me... but I have a private concern about how I want to change my 'life'. pfff! sounds cheesy ya but I really manage it. maybe some people say I'm strange these days. I'm sorry it's just a little part of the process that still going on until... I don't know.
before I'm going to bed, I just want everyone know that I feel so sorry for any intentional and unintentional mistakes that I've made to you dear all my friends. maybe you hate me,  or maybe I hated you but the truth is I'm awake now and I'm trying to make up the broken flower vase back to its table even though it's not beautiful anymore. and I wish the vase still able to be filled by the water and the flowers will grow beautifully. if you don't want it in your table anymore please just let me fix it for my own. keep smile, be pretty, stay healthy and lillahita'alla.

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whoever you are, I love you readers! 


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