Sunday, February 9, 2014

College Reunion

spend a little time with friends in a new mall in town. the building is still in progress but some stores are already open... we know this mall have an ice rink so we decided to have some fun ice skating inside it. the ticket is Rp.70.000-, each people for two hours and yeah it's fun and pain in the ass if you cannot play it well haha 

at Bintaro Xchange Mall parking lot

we go ice skating!

newbie posing on ice rink
I fell almost 6 times and bleed my palm. oh my! untung dibantuin temen-temen untuk bangung haha.
top: outside the mall in the night | bottom: move and dinner in Bintaro Plaza
yes of course we love junk food! see you next time dear friends!


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  1. saya iri bgt melihatnya,, eits intje pegang2 tangannya nia,, wkwkwk