Friday, July 25, 2014

Studi No. 7 Braid Hair

so, I take a closer look to one of illustrations made by my role model Esra Roise. seriously, I really love her work and it makes me want to learn how to draw hair. I decided to draw a braid hair because I think it's challenging for beginner like me. so, I googled "braid" and I got the picture of  a beautiful messy braid hair...

apparently it belongs to a New York based blogger who did a braid tutorial (you may check it out at After about 7 hours more I got the result which not really bad but it didn't meet my expectation. however, I scanned my drawing and add a little touch of colors and also my name on it. I'm really happy with today's study!

gak mirip sih. tapi yaudahlah namanya juga belajar. anyway, selamat mudik ya bagi yang mudik!


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