Monday, September 22, 2014

Little Princess Thryara

Dear my little princess Thryara,
how are you? I know you've waited for it way too long. I'm sorry!

I can't believe my little princess is now turning a beautiful fairy Goddess. I clearly remember when you departed to Amsterdam wearing your cute Hello Kitty rubber shoes holding your favorite dolls. you were very tiny so I must lower my body to kiss your chubby cheek. today, I should keep my chin up just to talk to you. LOL time flies!

we miss you and of course
home is always waiting for you!


Thursday, September 11, 2014

NYFW 2014 Fever!

so, I heard this week belongs to New York Fashion Week, huh? but fashion week is not only about what's on the runway but also on the street. yes, street style! there are so many photos have been taken by most photographer or blogger but only some of them are best describe my taste. there you go!

1. her simplicity yet elegant style. so schweet!

2. just black, white and wait for it GOLD!

3. c'mon three patterns in a row is not a crime!

4. what? stain? blah... I know she still has thousand white clothes in the closet.

5. holographic sunnies and purse. yes, she's a stylish Terminator.
source: ellecanada

6. "yes ma'am this dress is perfectly fits on me! I would wear it until NYFW 2016."
source: ellecanada

7. couldn't be more agree with her tee!!!
source: eonline

8. she knows how to rock her simple style with dat bag!

9. "so, you said my dress is pale? you must haven't looked at my clutch and shoes." awh, yesh!!!
 source: recyclednovelty

10. because boyfriend stuffs is lame, let me show you a brother's t-shirt!

11. must have one thing that match another stuff like her bag and shoes.
source: harpersbazaar

12. black in a daylight = all eyes on you.

13. shhh... you don't have to tell me. I can feel the comfort of her outfit already.

14. she rawks the patterened top with braided hair make a boho chic!

14. when I see her I forgot how to stop loving black and white.

15. ah, she reminds me of what college students usually wear.

16. even her bra was already prepared a night before. I know right?

17. love her top and shoes!
source: harpersbazaar

so, what do you think of my style?
what's your style?
let's share! :)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

a Hot Coffee & a Warm Blanket

doodles for my new blog appearance and a new project hehe anyway how is your Saturday?

I miss my boyfie so damn much. he used to sing me this song when he comes visiting me. I have LDR with my boyfie for 6 years. we live in the different city from the very first time we decided to make it more serious, we know it's going to be this hard. it kills, yes, LDR kills and I've been killed many times; being in on-off relationship two years ago because I couldn't manage my ego in our 3rd year together I decided to break up with him and go out with a different guy. I thought it will heal my problem of being lonely here because I thought he wasn't care about me anymore but then I knew I was wrong. it's just my ego.

though I didn't regret at all because I learned so many things when I was alone without him. now, we're back together again, we still fall for each other, we're so in love  but things getting harder today. I thought after 6 years LDR we will live happily in the same city this year but life take us further than we thought. I must appreciate and accept the fact that he wants to pursue his dream and his future. I'm happy because I'm here fully support all of his decisions and proud he finally make some step closer to execute his dream. I will always pray for him and us. I know that good things will never ever easy to get. that's what I see from how Allah work. good night! :)