Wednesday, October 29, 2014

BTS First Photoshoot for GYNY

was doing a photoshoot with a little dream team of five for a little company that I wish will grow bigger someday. got helped from Karina as a model. she's not only pretty but also a funny and energetic girl! we laughed at her jokes and her story but that's only a little part of her that I know that day. she is actually a good singer. she was an Indonesian Idol nominee and now she leads a band named Asta.

and another friend Fadli who help us taking picture. he's funny too! his spontaneous makes us upset and laugh at the same time. yes, it was a fun day with friends and it's not going to be that fun if something wrong had not happened.

we took these photos at local equestrian that seems abandoned. there are so many trees and wild grass grow everywhere. long story short,  a man came to us and asked if we had already asked the owner permission for photoshoot. and the owner wish to collect the money from us about $100. WHAAAT?
let's get out of here!

this was the smile that we got before everything ruined.

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