Saturday, November 1, 2014

DIY fix the broken palette


tell me what will you do if your eye shadow cakes are messed up like this? throw it away? yeah, perhaps that's a good option for single eye shadow pan. but what if your eye shadow palette is more than 3 pans like mine? would you still throw it away? no! here is the simple step to fix it.

use any kind of brushes you have at home to help you move the messy eye shadow powder back to its pan.
use your brush gently and make sure you didn't let the different colors mixed in one pan.

yes, you need water! use a sponge to absorb the water. I think small sponge from your compact powder would be better because you can control the water that will drop to a pan. you only need a few drops or it depends on the size of your pan, the weight, and the damage level that happen to your eye shadow. the bigger the size the more damage your eye shadow I guess you can drop some more water to it.

in my case I only need 3 to 4 drops because my eye shadow pan is small

after dropping some water you need to stir it pretty well with anything you feel good at it.
I was using the tip of the brush that I use in the first step.

I think I should use a word 'mashed' instead of  'stir'.
yes, you got to mashed it so that the water and the powder mixed very well.

if you feel the water is already mixed, now it's time to use your finger
or anything you feel right to press it and make it solid.

my result is not that perfect but it looks way better than when it's broken.
do the same steps to other pans that also messed up.

say hello to my fully recovered eye shadow. hello!

  1. after mixing my eye shadow with some drops of water I let it dry and I apply it on my eye for trial. I feel the color is more intense and pop out on my eyelid than before. I'm not sure but I will consider it as a trick if I bought an eye shadow with poor color quality.
  2. you can also do the same step to your blush on too!

thank you so much and I hope you enjoy reading my blog!


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