Monday, December 22, 2014

#2 Elfies Freebies: Printable Badges

happy wedding to my high school friend!

Holaaa... good morning readers! how was your weekend?
mine, I was spending my weekend to do a lot of housework, finishing my freelance job (because weekend is the only best day to do it) and I end up having headache maybe because of lack of sleep or because I skip my breakfast almost every morning. mom told me that I must take a daily dose of Vitamin C. yep, it helps! I feel a lot better.

by the way, do you guys remember my previous post about my friend's post wedding party? yep, I'd like to give you a freebie! a free badges for you and your friends or bridesmaid.

it's printable and editable in Photoshop. you can download the files HEREanyway this is my second Elfies freebies and I'd like to add mooooooore freebies to my blog yes yes yes I wish I could make more freebies every month x'D hope you guys like it!

#2 Elfies Freebies: Printable Badges


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