Tuesday, February 24, 2015

#88LoveLife Launching Event

let's do some throwback Tuesday. over weeks ago I went to The Goods Dept Pondok Indah Mall 2 with two of my friends for 88LoveLife's official launching. I was so happy being there because of what? first, because this book launching also collaborated with some local artists for mini exhibition. second, it's my boss's book. third, free lime squash and Strawberry toast! :9

oh look it's me waiting in line with friend!

selfie with the boss Diana Rikasari and boss's friend a.k.a my another inspiration kak Dinda Puspitasari! :)

did you also come to this event? I wanna see some of your photos, please?

ALL PHOTOS FROM http://dianarikasari.blogspot.com/2015/01/88lovelife-official-launch.html


Sunday, February 22, 2015

We Love Something Quirky

a doodle that I made for My Big Boss Diana Rikasari

Somehow I feel so lucky to be part of her bainchild's journey and it feels unreal hehe anyway, have a good Sunday y'all!


#88LoveLife Book

I'm trying to make a flat-lays. this is my first attempt. tiba-tiba kepikiran mau bikin foto flat-lay karena terinspirasi dari feed Instagram & blog nya Diana Rikasari yang suka banget bikin foto kaya begini dan hasilnya selalu bagus dan enak diliat. kira-kira hasil flat lay yang saya bikin jelek atau biasa aja? :P

anyway, talking about the photo above pasti tau dong itu buku #88LoveLife yang sangat fenomenal hasil tulisan Diana Rikasari tentang hidup dan cinta yang pernah dia alamin. diilustrasikan oleh Dinda Puspitasari bikin buku ini bener-bener nyenengin banget untuk dibuka setiap hari kapanpun setiap saya butuh asupan motivasi dan juga inspirasi.

kebetulan Diana Rikasari dan Dinda Puspitasari adalah dua orang yang udah lama saya follow blog nya. keduanya emang cute and sweet in their own way; ka Diana dari segi Fashion sedangkan ka Dinda dari segi karya-karya ilustrasinya.  saya sama sekali sangat amat gak nyangka ternyata mereka berkolaborasi untuk bikin satu buku yang (pastinya udah ketebak) sukses di Indonesia bahkan sampe keluar negri. 

buat yang belom sempet beli buku #88LoveLife cepetan deh yaa beli sebelum sold out lagi dan lagi. plus sekarang #88LoveLife juga bikin mini notebook dengan design cover dari setiap artwork yang ada di dalam buku #88LoveLife. I'm telling you that it is WORTH to buy! no wonder why this book always sold out everywhere.

masih mikir mau beli atau enggak? you better check #88LoveLife Instagram here and its website here.

thank you for reading my SundayInspiration :)


Sunday, February 15, 2015

New York Fashion Week

today, let me introduce you to my new post's label named "Sunday Inspiration" because it's Sunday and tomorrow is Monday which is basically I'm going back to work to my lovely office. as an organized office lady I know that I must, I repeat, I MUST find some inspirations for next five working days mainly about fashion and design stuff.

I'm sorta thirst of new inspirations. I'm like going all over the world wide web to look for some of them. Behance, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr are my main sources. sometimes I feel empty inside my head. I feel kinda stupid and lost haha. so, to keep my brain feels content I regularly read blogs, light articles from some sites and read some entertainment news. I also bring a book to my office so I can read when I'm in a bus. I even got my phone full of pdf and online comic applications.
ombre 1
ombre 2
ombre 3

based on the photos above we can see that

  • ombre hair is still in the air
  • sling bags are everywhere
  • navy, grey, orange, black, brown are dominating
  • long outer still be the one that rock your style

what is your inspirations? share yours! thank you for reading.


all photos credit to Driely S. on C-Heads's posts 1 & 2

Sunday Sushi

a very cheap sushi in a local Japanese restaurant made by Japanese chef.

Acil - me - Syuraih

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Not A Concert Goer

O yes yes yes an unexpected event is fortunately coming this year! it's Mew concert! whawhawha I can't wait to buy the ticket and I'm still desperately need a friend to watch the concert. anyone who's interested please please let me join you! >< I wish the ticket isn't too expensive hahaamin


Infinitoos x Ashtaroovia

one of my work that I love so mucho! rebel cute cat-esque gal :3
happy working and happy Friday!


The White Pepper Mood

I loooove The White Pepper so much especially their latest collection. and those are my favorite items. oh yes, they are so pretty! yep, dfntly gonna buy them (idk when). :P

one of my goal this year is to make more ootd pictures hahaha! (WHAT THE?!) but for today let me think about something weird. I feel kinda morphing two different things. what do you think? these are all I've got.
I guess you're pretty sure know what I'm gonna make.
TA-DA! yeaaap the chic hijabi cat featureing The White Pepper. awww to me they're still cute and even cuter! :3
at least I finally got my style inspiration for this month! what about you?