Sunday, February 15, 2015

New York Fashion Week

today, let me introduce you to my new post's label named "Sunday Inspiration" because it's Sunday and tomorrow is Monday which is basically I'm going back to work to my lovely office. as an organized office lady I know that I must, I repeat, I MUST find some inspirations for next five working days mainly about fashion and design stuff.

I'm sorta thirst of new inspirations. I'm like going all over the world wide web to look for some of them. Behance, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr are my main sources. sometimes I feel empty inside my head. I feel kinda stupid and lost haha. so, to keep my brain feels content I regularly read blogs, light articles from some sites and read some entertainment news. I also bring a book to my office so I can read when I'm in a bus. I even got my phone full of pdf and online comic applications.
ombre 1
ombre 2
ombre 3

based on the photos above we can see that

  • ombre hair is still in the air
  • sling bags are everywhere
  • navy, grey, orange, black, brown are dominating
  • long outer still be the one that rock your style

what is your inspirations? share yours! thank you for reading.


all photos credit to Driely S. on C-Heads's posts 1 & 2

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