Friday, March 6, 2015

Cheap and Chic

Warm greetings from my bedroom!
since I'm now a full time worker from Mon to Fri it seems impossible for me to stroll around after working hours. so I make a lil plan for weekend to at least going out even to the nearest place from home or even just me all alone. my new favorite thing is monthly grocery shopping! and I also buy girl's stuff (ya know it), munchies, and stationery every two weeks.

what I love the most from strolling around is that I could found things or mostly weird things in the corner of the store like no one ever give a sight to it. last  January when I went to a supermarket near my house I saw a counter displayed a christmas's stuff like wraper, greeting cards, santa's socks, christmas trees decoration, etc. the price were reduced up to 80% like OMG they're really cute and I must buy all of them! haha nope I didn't buy all of them just a rainbow parallel lights and chained stars with total purchase only 20.000 Rupiah woohoo! as a saver (not spender) i feel so proud and kinda achievement to always buy good stuff with its best price! x')
did I mention you that I'm a saver not spender? I might be true but for notebooks I should really think twice to not buying it. I really love notebook like girls love their dress. is it good to be a notebook hoarder? no! x( I already have more than 20 notebooks that I haven't use them yet and still counting. I think notebooks and its friends; pen, markers, etc are too sexy for me and tomorrow is some quality time with friends we will have dinner at my favorite mall and I will definitely go to a bookstore. anyway, it's already 10pm so I must hit the bed asap. good night and sleeep very tight y'all!


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