Saturday, March 7, 2015

Cooking With Daisy: Banana Pancake

good afternoon dear readers! today, I'm introducing my new friend named Daisy. she's really pretty and cheerful like her most favorite flower Daisy. oh, she's from Hawaii! she promised to teach me Hula dance but because she's busy cooking, she has no time to do it. maybe I'll ask her to make a tutorial and upload it to Youtube.

I met Daisy in a supermarket when she's on vacation to Indonesia. she saw eggs in my shopping list and she suggested me to buy Banana. err, I love Banana but why suddenly a Banana?
she laughed at me and whispered something I couldn't hear clearly so she mailed me in the following night and she told me a secret recipe...
what do you guys think? gross or yummm? I've tried it at home. to be honest, I like it! maybe because I love eggs and Bananas too much and when they're all mixed I could say that it wasn't too sweet at least for me (I don't like sweet). hope you guys would love it too! see you around with Daisy and her recipe.

Cikita & Daisy


  1. Oh, Gosh! Love this post, really cute and creative. I actually have tried the recipe before but it ended up like gorengan! Hahaha. I've tried and failed many times and I gave up u,u

    1. well, I think we should ask Daisy why it happens to you... :P