Saturday, March 28, 2015

Current Activity

again and again my weekend is completely same exhausting like working days. beside appointments and weekly routine like I told you in the previous post, I'm trying to pull myself back to where I was dreaming about myself that someday I would be... a fashion drafter and designer. no, I haven't joined any fashion design classes today but I will consider it in the future. and I'm not working on any fashion projects but my current activity really squeeze my brain to work waaay harder. apparently, it's not that easy to be a fashion drafter. --"

as a full time worker in an office from 8 AM to 4 PM and always do the same routine everyday just made my brain feels empty and pretty dull. so, I'm pushing myself to have more good activity such reading a book even though just one page a day, I also bring my sketchbook so I can draw anytime anywhere and I spend more time checking Pinterest, Instagram and Behance for more inspirations and references. those stuffs really help this hungry little brain to be fed. 

I don't wanna get old and dumb.



  1. I don't wanna get old and dumb either u,u btw, I find it impossible to read only one page of a book a day! I'd keep reading until I feel bored hahah. Have a (busy?) wonderful weekend!

    1. do you know what happen to me after reading a page in a bus? I fall asleep! hahahaha that's why. huh :/