Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hi, How Are You?

as my boss asked me for illustrating a happy girl so I've made it last week. this is not my final artwork. it's just a scratch that I made in Photoshop. because when I discuss it to my boss today, she wants something cute like  'chibi' rather than a girl with a typical pretty face. well, I'm not going to delete it because she's still looking cute even it's just a scratch hehe so I present my lady for you.

today, I just want to say alhamdulillah Allah for giving me amazing day everyday. you send me a bunch of friends and all people that make me realize how lucky I am. I've learned a lot this year and I'm not gonna stop learning. thank you for those who remember my birthday. when reading your messages I couldn't stop say amin amin and amin because of  your kind and sweet words!

masih banyak yang ingin saya capai tahun ini. banyak banget! satu tahun terakhir betul-betul berlalu dengan banyak banget pelajaran tentang apapun. harapan saya tahun ini dan berikutnya mudah-mudahan bisa lebih mempraktekan hal baik yang udah saya pelajarin tahun lalu. yang lebih penting lagi semoga saya bisa menjadi muslimah yang lebih taat lagi ibadahnya.

I wish you all the best too! :)


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