Monday, March 9, 2015

People I Used To Know

been on another experiment with watercolor and black Chinese ink. I don't like her eyes. I think I must focus to learn on eyes and nose. anyway, how often you think you know the people you hang out with?

and when you found someone's personality that doesn't fit yours, what do you do to him/her? leave them? or keep it cool because you know your friendship won't go further? most of people tend to say no for being picky. what actually does it mean (at least to you)?

for me, it wasn't that clear until I met those people who were called "friend" act like strangers today.

well, I'm not talking about who's right or wrong. who's good or bad. I'm wondering as I get older it's hard to meet a close friend or somebody I really could rely on like when I was in Junior High School. I have real close friends where nobody will leave each other alone even when I want to go to the toilet. I miss the closeness between friends where there were nothing we didn't know about each other. we keep telling secrets about what most people never knows about. we have jokes that no one could laugh but us. we share our shoes, bags, tees and anything. we just love to help and support each other. no hate or competition between us just a lil misunderstanding sometimes.

how many times you get disappointed by those people you trust from the very first time you met them? I could say that I got many. I know I'm not the one who suffer here. maybe those who were being my friend also feel the same; they disappointed with me. and I feel so sorry I couldn't be the one who stand for our friendship (neither you could). today, I realize that we just have a different perspective about friendship and stuff.

the one who usually open now become introvert and vice versa. those days when we shared stories and secrets are no longer happen these days. we could only hear a silence between us because secrets are totally become secrets like none of us dare to tell even just between us. we know each other less and less, we don't have that much time to talk about our stuff or even just to meet in our favorite place. do I really feel sad during this transition? no, I personally don't. because it wasn't just happened like that. the fact is in the process when we manage to have new friends that we met in the college, workplace, community, friend of a friend, boyfriend, boyfriend's family, etc. 

how do we usually feel about something new? happy of course just like when I (or you) have a new pair of shoes. that's what (I guess) my friends and I feel right now. we're happy with our new habit, new circle of friends, new career, new experience and some other things we never done in the past but we do it today.

when we were young all we think about was how to get a good score to make our mom happy, how to get closer to our cute senpai, what movies or dvds we must watch this week and another basic things. I'm not forgetting those memories I had with them. I'm just trying to be real that today isn't yesterday nor tomorrow. today is the day when we must enjoy every single thing that happen to our life. make peace with yesterday and keep our thought positive about what will happen tomorrow.

now, we're grown up dear friends. yes, we're busy chasing our dreams. so many good chances are coming. my boyfie said "even the slowest run is faster than the fastest walk" so, don't stop running. all efforts never fail its result. we deserve anything we want to be. I know we can. see you on top dear friends! :)



  1. "when we were young all we think about was how to get a good score to make our mom happy" << ini bener banget. but now? kalo kata orang gede "banyak pikiran"

    love the words ka..

    1. hihi iya yaa pikiran anak kecil gak jauh jauh dari ponten, jajan dan main. uh asik! kalo udah gede apa aja dipikirin... ><