Saturday, April 25, 2015

Haris & Kenny Wedding

nothing can be happier than seeing your best friend as a beautiful bride in a day. congrats Kenny!
Kenny is one of my closest friend since junior high school. she's quiet, funny, and smart kinda girl. she never had a boyfriend from the very first time I know her until last year she found the man who is now become her husband. lucky you! can't wait to see the little Kenny :")
for the wedding, Kenny gave me brown colored fabric which turns purplish when it exposed to the lights. sorry, I don't know the name of the fabric. by the way this my first outfit photos *cough* on my blog. let's start from shoes...

yes, my favorite shoes form UP! :) seriuosly, I'm a sneakers type of girl. I'm not very often going anywhere with wedges or heels because it hurts when I walk too fast or run a little (I'm a pedestrian and a bus chaser). UP is an exception. this comfortable, affordable and chic shoes fit my wide feet very well. and oh it's so light! bye bye fatigue ankle. and for the outfit I wear a dark grey satin pashmina combines with black blazer.
honestly, the black blazer was a plan B outfit haha because I don't like my top. I brought my fabric to a tailor and I told the woman every single details but unfortunately the fabric is not enough to cover up the designed pattern. because cut the length of my long skirt is impossible so she cut my long sleeves top half shorter than the actual design and the result is very weird.
I love pencil skirt with pleats in the back. for the wedding, I don't want it to look too plain so I told the tailor to make a ribbon right on the pleats peak.

shoes and outfit were done so let's check out my make up. I must say thanks to Njonja Kebaja for their very good service and their make up artist's magic hands. I think she does something magic to my face because I feel completely different...
I can say that I almost never have make up in daily basis especially to my eyes and face. like I told you, I have an uncontrolled oily skin, big pores and pimples beside I actually didn't like to have a make up that can change the natural look of my face. so I'm always trying to avoid those eyes and face make up. lip tint and eyebrows definer are enough for me. that's why whenever I see a mirror after put on a make up I always feels a surprise like, 'who are you?'. I feel completely different.
overall, I love my make up that day. I took thousand selfies because one is never enough! :P
anyway, how do I look?


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