Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My Kind of Escapee

I am an introvert, I love to be alone and happy being lonely. I love black than any other colors, I listen to sad and gloomy music, I paint sad and creepy girl and it is part of me that can never changes. until today I just realized that positive vibe could possibly come from things and people around you and take a little part in your life to change in a positive way. I just can't believe it.

since I work in this cheerful and colorful office, with its happy people and my one and only boss who seems never let her happiness meter getting low and her magically unlimited smile and weirdness. all I can say that I'm 'affected' by kind of happy virus that spreading in the office.

I'm not change. it's just my mind that now open much wider right now and so I can accept more things in life that I never have before... apparently, it feels great! alhamdulillah...



  1. My lecturer says you can neither be an absolute introvert nor extrovert, but I think I am more of an introvert too!