Friday, May 22, 2015

Donut Touch My Babies

it's me when handed a box full of donuts and protecting it from my brother, mom and dad. the baby donuts are all mine! rawrrrr~ :3


Thursday, May 21, 2015

WARNING: Donut Take A Selfie!

I can't control my appetite over donuts! so I make some illustration about their cute creams and toppings! :3


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Donut Mess With Me!

my perfectly current mood! but stiiiiiiiiiill kawaii and sugoi~~~ :3


Monday, May 18, 2015

Get Whale Soon, Kit!

I don't really understand the word 'tough' pretty well. Some people said that if you want to understand what you have read, you must do it. I didn't wish to perform tough things in life. Tell me who wants to be in a hardship? But life is like throwing two dices in a row. It's easy to wish all numbers you want to see but what happen in the end could be worse. below my expectation.

I remember how Jumanji make us frighten whenever the player throw the dices. because every numbers could take you to another path which you never ever thought about or seen before, you feel lost, it seems out of map. The map of your perfect plan. No one can guide you out of it because they also busy find the way.

oh, life... hello! I think I just met you. you make everyone curious about what you will do in the future. I realize that life offers so many social classes too. oh wait, where am I? I'm not rich, I'm not that beautiful, I'm not famous, I'm not the best student, I'm not the m... no, I'm just not.

If life is not a competition then why they make a 'goal'? I guess goal does exist only in a competition, doesn't it? If life is not a competition then why you always want to be on top? I guess because you've seen people up there look cool and you are trying to be like them. Life exists for us to live. I don't want to waste my time chasing other's life. I want to live my life to the fullest and I don't want people steer my own life because I never did and won't do it.  I don't want to die with regret. Dear life, sometime you look like a puzzle too. Can I skip searching the missing piece for a while because I think that life must go on no matter what and it hasn't always to be perfect, has it?

blah.... I don't know what I'm talking about.


Sunday, May 17, 2015


a quick doodle about me right now. I feel so tired. I want to sleep but problems weigh me down. sadly, it's not even my own probs... I need to stop being an overthink-er. night!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

White and Clear

good morning! and welcome to my work-space named L. Wooden Desk with the new look. *happy* :)
finally, it's weekend! I feel so I-must-do-nothing today but oh no I can't because I love my new work-space which boost my mood to make a lot lot of stuff here and because it's Sunday why not giving you a SundayInspiration about my new work-space decoration.

my parents house is very small. we don't have a lot of space for our hobby and stuff. my dad got about two big containers of his cassettes collection, he has a lot of loudspeakers and cassette/CD players, my brother love working on his recording studio, he has a little chamber for taking vocals. and me? my bedroom is full of shoes, clothes, bags, and another stuff just like a lost and found storage and nothing I can do with it. my bedroom is a dead end. so, I'm just make it neat and clean.

talking about hobby, maybe some of you already know that I love drawing and painting with watercolors and other stuff. my table always looks dull and messy. seriously I don't like something messy and unclean. so, I did a little make up and improvement to my working space by putting some artificial flowers into bottles and placed it in the corner of my desk so it doesn't disturb the actual working area on it.  I also move all the tiny goods into some proper containers.
in my opinion before doing improvements, should keep in mind that this have to be cheap or no budgeting needed at all by reusing old stuff around your house. remember that we're here to make a space in our home better, balanced, neat and clean. so, I made my old vase and used bottles to be something useful for me.
then now
facial wash water container for watercolor painting when traveling
mouthwash water container for rinsing brushes in my desk
vitamin c drink artificial flower vase
abandoned vase
my mom laughed at what I did to her vase and artificial flowers. she said it is so ugly but it looks better when I placed it to my wooden desk. hmm, still wondering what else I can do to make my spaces look good and comfortable. any suggestion? anyway, thank you for reading and enjoy your lunch. happy weekend! :)


Friday, May 15, 2015

Let it Go? No.

I was about practicing my drawing skill by first drawing the anatomy of human body parts but I think I wasn't in the mood that day so I just drew lips based on their personality. I've uploaded it to Instagram and I'm so happy that everybody like it. I didn't expect that much. anyway, thank you so much for you kind comments dear friends. :)

I actually have been thinking about this and that. should I do this and that? am I this and that? I want to let 'it' go. but nooo! not today.
I'm so confuse and afraid. Alhamdulillah ya Allah you're here.
have a good weekend y'all! :)


Thursday, May 14, 2015

a dull sunshine

A positivity may comes from things or people around you but nothing as true as what comes from within. Your inner peace, your positive mind, your attention, your high understanding by not jumping to any impulsive conclusions towards others. You don't mind if someone didn't say thank you when you help them. You never holds in any negativity. Being positive doesn't mean you can push others to always do what you believe you must do just to make you feel good about your positive attitude. Being positive is about you and you towards others not what others should do to you to make all situations seem as positive as you think it is.

What if you meet someone who never judges others, never talks behind people's back, never shows off any good deeds they just did today, always helps people who get in trouble, but they did something that you think it's wrong (especially in your world) or counter your belief. Do you still think that they're negative?

Let's being positive by understand them and their problem. I didn't say that we have to be an advisor for them. show our respect and understanding if they do something wrong to us because they have a battle we know nothing about. see? we are all human. we're also an object to others who sometimes can do wrong too (even though we're sure we're right).

I know people always have opinions about anything. I hope by writing this post there's no hatred and negativity I hold in me. Thank you for keeping me in mind that being positive is very very important. 󾌵


Sunday, May 3, 2015

Daily Inspiration

maybe you guys have read my kind of ritual before drawing a girl portrait. yup! I always hit Google to search a model I'd like to draw by typing 'Vogue girls' as a search keyword. now, I couldn't do that way anymore because you know not every good things you can find on Google and sometimes it's being lame by showing us hundreds unwanted documents we didn't look for. beside, I have found a new source that simple and reliable haha it's DailyCoverIssue's Instagram!

their Instagram feed is very pretty. I mean literally pretty because they only post a portrait of an absolute beautiful women faces all in black and white color. as a newbie it helps me a lot to find figures and gestures for drawing practice. for those newbie illustrators let's check their Instagram!

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