Thursday, May 14, 2015

a dull sunshine

A positivity may comes from things or people around you but nothing as true as what comes from within. Your inner peace, your positive mind, your attention, your high understanding by not jumping to any impulsive conclusions towards others. You don't mind if someone didn't say thank you when you help them. You never holds in any negativity. Being positive doesn't mean you can push others to always do what you believe you must do just to make you feel good about your positive attitude. Being positive is about you and you towards others not what others should do to you to make all situations seem as positive as you think it is.

What if you meet someone who never judges others, never talks behind people's back, never shows off any good deeds they just did today, always helps people who get in trouble, but they did something that you think it's wrong (especially in your world) or counter your belief. Do you still think that they're negative?

Let's being positive by understand them and their problem. I didn't say that we have to be an advisor for them. show our respect and understanding if they do something wrong to us because they have a battle we know nothing about. see? we are all human. we're also an object to others who sometimes can do wrong too (even though we're sure we're right).

I know people always have opinions about anything. I hope by writing this post there's no hatred and negativity I hold in me. Thank you for keeping me in mind that being positive is very very important. 󾌵