Wednesday, June 17, 2015


My recent project with UP is a printed scarf. Yay! To be honest I'm really new to it. I've never made any pattern for prints or else in any size until my boss asked me to make a scarf! I really have no idea what kind of scarf pattern I would like to create but suddenly I remember that my boss is a fan of Diela Maharanie's artwork (me too!) she had purchased some stuff from her. So, I asked my boss whether she wants the scarf pattern be Diela-Maharanie-alike or what and she said YUP! So I started searching on Google 'Diela Maharanie scarf'. I only saw the Beatles Yellow Submarine printed scarf and I was distracted to these gems. 

my source of inspiration! :)
all artworks are Diela Maharani's
check her recent artwork "here".

Seriously, it's like only Diela Maharanie can do such touch on patterns and colors. Her pick is bright and solid colors which I love so much. The combination between geometric and abstract patterns. I really learn a lot from her or let's say too influenced! hehe as you can see on my final design below.

I was like what should I do with this triangle??? OMG, I guess I have too much blank space here. What should I add to make it less plain? You see? All triangles, leaves, flowers, the planet, are mostly following Diela's style but still under the UP color swatch which are black, white, pink, blue, yellow. I only change its lightness or darkness to make the design even more colorful. All in all Diela Maharanie is my biggest source of inspiration for this project. Thank you so much! 

As an amateur I'm always looking forward to another inspirations everyday so I could develop my own signature style too! Like all professional artists in Indonesia. (Amiiiin 1000x for that) 
By the way I wish I could have my own scarf very soon!


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