Monday, September 14, 2015

DIY color block and marble bottles

I am a big fan of UC1000, vitamin C water in a mini bottle. I usually throw away the bottle after but these days I feel like I could use the bottles for some thing like DIY for example.

before we start make sure you have the following items:
  1. used bottles
  2. paint (choose the paint that suitable to the media that you use. for example, my bottles are glasses so I use oil paint. it makes shiny effect when finished.).
  3. brushes (it's needed when you want to apply color block or something neat).
  4. tape
  5. scissor

I want to partially color the bottle so I put clear tape for masking.

start brushing with any colour you like before the masking tape.

and this one is the easiest one because all you have to do is fill the bottle with the paint. roll it and let the paint covers all surface.

this one is a technic that I just discovered to make marble paint. first, spilled little amount of paint and roll the bottles the way you want. important note: let it half dry. after that, you can add more colors. it can be 2 to 4 colors to make it more marble-ish.

I have my own sky. :D

my favorite bottle so far....

I let it dry about overnight because I made them in the morning. for finishing you can wash the bottles in the sink with dishes soap. now, you can use it for flower vase, brush washer, etc
good luck! ;)

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