Friday, September 11, 2015

Minty Furamingo

I'm currently in love to plan and to organize something  (being like this is not me at all. I often do things spontaneously.) after sort of time. to write down things I want to achieve everyday is fun and little bit stressing if I couldn't make it. as I'm very new to it I keep things go the way it should be but a single plan make me easier to determine my priority. yes! priority - the most important thing that always be forgotten. I thought I was too late but better be late than never, right? I do feel that this is a good thing to start because hey even the Great Wall of China was started with a single small stone. keep believing, kit! :)
 now, reading book is like a recreation for me. 3 pages a day seems a joke for bookworms but seriously I really need to juggle between my office, my me-time, my family time and my boyfie time. it feels like 24 hours is not enough. ugh.
this is really funny. there are three things that I bought in different days, different store and have different use but they all have two things in common; pastel blue and pink color (and two of them are Flamingo). I can't stand of cute things! and I bought them unconsciously without trying to match one to another. hope you find funny things today! haha

notebook Tojours Jolie / travel pillow #88LoveLife / book 'My True Love Gave To Me' by Stephanie Perkins


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