Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Puffy Butt

in the previous post I told you that my camera was broken. magically, when I arrived home it works like nothing has happened. so weird!

so, what you missed in AYCIF is shopping booth! I strolled here and there and everywhere and bumped into this baby butt! it's a bunny with a red bandana. to be honest I don't know what it is exactly but I told the seller (who actually the owner / illustrator of these stuff) that I want to buy it!

when I was purchasing the bunnies she told me that these all are envelopes (mainly for money) but we can use it for whatever.
I'm so happy for having these bunny envelopes piled up in my room. give a good review to something that I love is a happiness for me. if you guys love the original artworks that are painted with watercolors please check @gedaniella on Instagram. I think she's a prospect watercolor artist. I love her work! <3


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