Saturday, September 5, 2015


it was a wedding ceremony of a friend of mine in college - Qonitah Al-Jundiah. we're not that close as best friends but I know her as a 'star' - a leader. we're often involved in a professional relationship from time to time. the first event when we started working together is UIN Fashion Fair 2012. she was the project officer and I assisted her as a secretary (I felt like give a zero help to her. sorry.. *sob*). in the following years after I graduated she made a call for me to work as an assistant of creative director in Hijabella Magazine office where she's already been working there. she's very gentle, humble, charming, she's got brain and everything you want to see in a woman. she has inspired me too much! and I think she's living her dream. she's not lucky. she is a professional executor and she made it! congrats to the guy who won Thata's heart. happy wedding, Tha!

to have a quality time with family and friends in the weekend is another happiness I could ask for in the weekend.


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