Sunday, September 6, 2015

the Perks of Being Alone

let's say it was an impulsive decision to follow a "How to Promote Product Design and Craft for Creativepreneurs" a seminar with ibu Pincky Sudarman as the speaker (she's very fun and informative) held by AYCIF at Kota Tua Jakarta.

it was a tough night while I was busy writing this and that for working while suddenly a friend of mine came up sending me a publication image of the event. she already told me that she couldn't make it there but this event was perfectly come to me when I just decided to stroll Kota Tua in the afternoon weekend. so I made a very last minute online ticket booking to attend the seminar and it almost sold out maybe I was the last person who enrolled. after that I wrote the itinerary for tomorrow (what?).

even when I wore my best socks I still got a stripes sunburn after all

it's been a while to go out and ride buses since I'm working remotely from  my house. I felt so much recharge and alive. I saw buses I used to ride to my office. I miss the whole working stuff before I fell down being sick. I wish I could get recovered soon! amin

how does it feel to stroll alone? seriously, it's uber cool. like when you really want to go somewhere with your friends but suddenly they call it off and you be like banging your head in the wall. when you go just by yourself all alone you have no such worry and you are free like birds you can go wherever you want to and decide the time when you must go home. in this case when it comes to events and bazaars I'll be like spending most of time checking all shopping booths one by one to get some inspiration and stuff I could bring home.

welcome to AYCIF

I was a total last-minute-lady. I was rushing to the seminar venue which I didn't know exactly where it was. thank God the venue wasn't that far from the main gate.

the guy set up everything before it started

helping bu  Pincky presented the craft originally made in Indonesia

seriuosly I'm sorry I forgot his name but he's really good at burning audience's curiosity. so many questions were given to him during the seminar. he is one of  Indonesia young creativepreneur with specialty in batik pattern design.

the funny part was the empty first row as Indonesians tend to avoid it which happen a lot when I was in school and college (and seminars too).

the seminar was done with three pages note I had taken. I didn't throw any questions at all. I was too shy and too lame. now, out out for booth!

I had my camera suddenly broken when I wanted to take a picture of booth I visited! I can't wait for the next weekend strolling. see you!



  1. Love your photos! It looks like a fun event. Oh, and get well soon! :)

    1. thank you Tia! yes it was really fun. amiiin thanks again dear... :)

  2. I'm good at being alone too, I love just strolling without having to rely on anyone else.


    1. hi Avy! it feels so good to know someone is having the same trait like mine maybe we should meet up somewhere in an event.......... and then go separately. hahaha! jk