Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tuesday Thought

have you ever bumped into some random shop, you don't have an urge to buy anything but end up shopping? or the worse is the thing you just bought is not necessary neither for your job nor your lyfe. my answer is I did. I bought this whistle and some other pinky stuff. the main reason why I bought this whistle is because it's transparant and neon!

but this one is the only exception. I bought two cute notebooks from a new friend in Instagram. note: there's no impulsive motives before deciding to buy them all. :v
I love patterns. I love pastel. I love cat. I love watermelon. oh, I have no reason to not buy these notebooks.
knock knock
who's there?

to buy something from the one who considerably an artist is very relieving. I think by buying something from them meaning you appreciated their time and dedication. you also learn to make a circle of happiness, to forward kindnesses in your life to others. some people say that the world is round and by being like that means that you are allowing happiness and kindness travel back to you.

notebooks and clay brooches by @angelarifanya


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