Wednesday, October 28, 2015


I can't believe that it's October already. it means my boyfriend is getting older. happy birthday dear. I wish you the best luck! anyway, I shouldn't call myself a blogger due to a long gap between each post. I have times but I just didn't put the effort to sit and blogging like I used to.

it's getting closer to the end of 2015. roughly, I could say that half of my 2015 has been used for the medication that doctor says it will take 6 moths straight until I can really be free doing my activity. there are so much things I asked to Allah this year. because there are some things I have lost and gained. some plans that were cancelled right after I decided it. dreams that I thought will be mine this year but I trust God have better plans than mine. however, I'm still hoping the best for my grand plan which I've already prepared last year.

I want dream more and do more.


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