Friday, November 27, 2015

Save Your Budget For Lookbook By Beautify A Picture From Pocket Camera With Photoshop

yesterday I just made a sort of photo shoot in my small house with my pocket camera and with natural lightning in the morning. guess it's pretty awesome if you guys find out that my house is actually a mess and have bad painted walls everywhere. but thank you, thank you Photoshop! I apologize to all of you because today I'm not going to talk about a Photoshop how-to (maybe later in another post). but this photo shoot is actually done for purpose.

I'm thinking about re-run my business after hibernating like almost 3 years. I know to start a business (even though the small one) is not as easy as to start munching your Jell-o. so that's why I'm thinking about certain things that might happen when the business is running. perhaps the first thing that most people think about is 'the budgetary' no?

admit it. when you start your small clothing biz you want everything look perfect. the clothes, the website, and one of the most important role is the product images and a lookbook. I guess every clothing line owner would always love to see their product images are displayed beautifully with a model and a perfect background. and also a lookbook for live previews. am I right? at least this is my problem right now. I know that making a perfect lookbook and product images will take most of my budget since I need to hire a photographer, models, rent a studio, etc, like can I go without doing that professional photo session because I already spent every penny for productions and got nothing left for such thing I actually need. that is why I make some try-out to see if it possible to make everything with what I have right now simply to accommodate those things I couldn't afford yet.

what I'm trying to speak here is hey, take it easy. it's hard for me too (since I'm a hella perfectionist). just don't rush things. they might not always going smoothly to your plan. remember that big moves are good but small moves are counted, too! the most important when you do something is not always the result but the progress. the reason why I love being in a difficult situation is that I can learn a lot from it and know my self better. so stand up and use your mantra to help you out from the dead end.

now, I want your honest opinion. does it good if my product image goes like the picture above? :)

have a great day!

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