Sunday, May 22, 2016

inspiration: room improvement

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I've been craving for (more) room improvements in my house.

my house is two storey house where my parents live in the first storey and my brother and I are in the second. shortly, I (or we with my brother) can do anything we want to our 'territory'. since my brother is not fully living in this house because he must live in his office area. so, I take the full control of everything in my house which is good for me. hahaha! in early 2016, I was adding up two desks for me in the corner of our house that makes me left my old desk unused. but I will give it a proper look the way I want instead of ditch it like I did before.

after browsing some through pinterest and design love fest finally I found lotsa ideas. 

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end up with shopping list. here's what I want to buy:

  1. three vases or pots for artificial or natural plants and flowers
  2. five mini cactuses. the more the better.
  3. three simple black or white (I want both) photo frames in different sizes.
  4. new lamps
  5. chandelier or aroma therapy candles
  6. rugs or carpet
  7. wire wall grid. i don't know where to buy this one. I've visited ACEhardware and Informa turned to zero result.
  8. shoe rack! I hate to see my shoes go everyhwere :(
I think I will find them all in IKEA because where else? hahaha anyway, can't wait to see my new room. and I will show you as soon as possible!