Monday, June 6, 2016

project plan / 1

i drop a hint to my upcoming project. there will be a no fuss and comfortable sleepwear.

Ramadan is coming to town!

Ramadan kareem! happy fasting to all of you who do. may Allah SWT guide us to the right path everyday until the end of Ramadan and the next Ramadan. do you guys feel the festive?

Ramadan is always becomes my favorite month every year. I feel different than any other months. if you guys are living in country or areas that most populated by muslims, you guys should know what I mean. I feel that all people are gathered, like in my neighbourhood a group of kids on the street hit the so-called drum and shouting 'sahoor sahoor' very loudly to wake neighbourhood for sahoor in the late night. I was annoyed at the beginning but it already happens for years and I kinda like it and miss that moment so much. haha!

when I take a bus in the morning, I can see cafes and restaurants are closed until noon and all of the them are covering the window with curtains as to tolerate people who fasting. the street is deserted sometimes. maybe because some of the company are changing the work hour earlier than before in order to send all employees home before break fasting.

when the time comes, some mosque in my neighbourhood deliver free takjil  (snack) to houses around and some of them host break fasting together in the mosque. in Ramadan people are like competing to give more to people (we call it sadaqah) than days before because Allah's promise is to multiply the reward of everything you do in Ramadan. if you do good, the reward is multiplied. if you make mistake, the punishment is also multiplied. instead of doing bad things consciously or unconsciously, better we focus only to good  deeds and be busy doing something positive. 

the project

so, how are you guys? actually before Ramadan I busied myself to sew. this idea just came right after I clean up my studio. I open the big container under my desk and WOW I'm still having so many fabrics that left unused. I feel so terrible because I bought those fabrics years ago. :/

as I'm in the mission of being productive in this holy month so I pick 7 fabrics to be on the top of my sewing project list. 5 of them are new (each of their length is about 200cm) and 2 of them are excess from previous project but still quite enough for another design.

the fabrics

for the first project (after a long time), I'll start with excess fabrics. I have about 100x150cm cotton and 100x100cm brocade. the cotton is stretched and more likely suitable for bed sheets haha but I love exploring new fabrics to my design I so I keep going to use it.
at first when I combine the brocade with the blue flowery cotton it seems awkward because of the different color and texture. but again I keep going on and can't wait for how this project could surprise me in the end.

the plans

based on this project, my next posts will include:

  1. Sewing project: sleepwear camisole step-by-step
  2. Sewing project: sleepwear shorts step-by-step
  3. sewing tutorial: How to make bias tape
  4. sewing tutorial: How to make rubber waistband
  5. sewing mistake: camisole
  6. sewing mistake: shorts

I will post in the next few days if nothing comes in the way. if you guys are seeking for step-by-step sewing project or sewing tutorials, don't forget to subscribe my blog or follow my Google+ for the latest update.

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