Sunday, November 27, 2016

I often say "your time is never wasted. it's invested."

what breaks my heart is when somebody say "it's just a waste of time." these words are too strong for me since we live in TIME. no matter what you did, do and will do, the time is always ticking. you live in it and you can't run away to the past nor the future. in short, all you have is present, the time that you have right now, right at this second. it is not wasted. it is used for good. for your life. your meaningful life, right? if you could say any of particular thing you do in life is just a waste of time does it mean your life is just a waste too? I think I went too far.

I just read an article of how to start a business. for some people who are interested in running a fashion business, writing business plan is a great way to do and not a part of just a waste of time action. even though you might not need a loan or will never bump into investors, the business plan can at least make you more aware in making decisions and keep your actions aligned with the vision and objectives of your business. and the rest we can learn along the way and adjust our business ideal to the currents.

you cannot see the fruit of your labor in overnight. your time is never wasted. it's invested.

Cikita Siregar

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